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      2. About

        Shenzhen SDG Information Co., Ltd.

        Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone full of vigor and vitality, is one of the first batch of state- controlled national new and Hi-tech enterprises in China devoted to the R&D and manufacturing of fiber- optic cable, wiring network equipment and communications equipment; SDGI was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2000. Currently, the industrial business of SDGI covers such fields as the Optical fiber and optical cable, Intelligent Network and Military industry information, etc. The company has built the complete sales and service systems in more than 40 countries and regions in the world, has various industrial bases as well as a dozen wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Southwest China, East China and North China, etc., with the annual output more than 5 billion yuan.

        SDGI, as the domestically leading information industrial supplier and technical service provider, has created the competitive advantage across the product chain in the fields, such as, optical fiber and optical cable, intelligent network and military industry information, etc., and is also devoted to providing the professional solutions and integrated and high-efficient service with the strong competitiveness to the IT clients.

        Optical fiber and optical cable Industry- follow up the clients’ demands; make greater efforts to create more values for them, maintain long-term strategic cooperation with all larger Telecom Carriers, integrators and clients at home and abroad.Industrial chain enterprises include:Shenzhen SDG Information Optical Fiber Co., Ltd.,Optical Cable Business Department,Power Optical Cable Business Department,Changzhou SDG Huayin Wire and Cable Co., Ltd.,Optical Technology Co., Ltd.,Chongqing SDG Information Optical Cable Co., Ltd.,Shandong SDG Guangyuan Optical Communication Co., Ltd.

        Smart access industry – build the one-stop optical smart access system for clients, provide the comprehensive products and service solutions.Industrial chain enterprises include: Optical Network Technological Co., Ltd. ,Shenzhen DONZHI Technology Co., Ltd.

        Military information industry- Chengdu Fuliye Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have successfully providing domestic clients with the advanced technical solutions and products, and having made the greater contribution to the national defense.

        Facing the fast development of the mobile network and the new generation IT industry, SDGI will stand on the optical communications industry, make the optical fiber and cable industry stronger and better, accelerate the transition to optical networking, increase investment in the development and solutions of optical devices, and unswervingly transform to military informatization.We strive to become superior enterprises of Optical network transmission,backbone enterprises of Optical network access terminal,and emerging enterprises of military information.


        2019年SDGI INDIA PVT. LTD.采购厂房设计项目招标公告

              SDGI INDIA PVT.LTD.就海外采购厂房设计项目以公开招标方式组织采购。现将有关事项公告如下:

           1、招标人:SDGI INDIA PVT. LTD.




           本次项目招标主要是SDGI INDIA PVT.LTD.的厂房设计及工程投资概算。














           电话: 13501594303





              SDGI INDIA PVT.LTD. 


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